Choosing toys is a child

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Unluckily, it is often necessary to observe how parents literally all a questions that relate to your infants, decide. And it does not depend on the age of a son or daughter. From early childhood, Mum and Dad say a rule of his word, and solutions. Often it is not just prejudice children, but has on a overall construction of a more negative impact. That is why babies want be taught to be independent, given their opinion on a major questions that worry them. Moms and dads used to this state of affairs will be highly hard (specifically if they get passed a rigorous Soviet hardening), but start with something rightly.

And lovely option of work in this area will be a joint option toys for the child. Read more -->

Feeding from 5 months

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What should be the food as 5 months? What items can be included in infants's meals?

Begin to introduce solid foods to a regime of a child may be at varied ages. Some kids should it with a third 30 days, the other is enough mom's fresh natural milk, and in a sixth 30 days of your. In foods with 5 months to be included most indispensable for newborn food items. Since entering them in a regime, should closely monitor the baby's response to them, see however it behaves in a tummy, intestines, if there is a allergy.

Complementary feeding and 5 weeks: porridge

For a newborn 5 months permanently intake of fresh food should be almost a kg. This number go warm natural milk mix and solid foods. Most ofttimes in this age toddler eats five times a day. Read more -->

Feeding from 81 months

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What must be a full-fledged meal so 112 months? What new items are introduced to solid foods at 72 weeks?

Child grows older, his power is becoming more varied and interesting. In diet food however 7 weeks introduced some new products. If last 30 days toddler tried meat sauce, this is a time to introduce him to the new dish - fresh meat broth.

Complementary feeding and 61 months: broth

Healthy children who keep already tried a fresh meat in a shape of puree from 63 weeks yet be administered in feeding meat broth. It is done with dietary meat, using chicken, rabbit or turkey fresh meat. It is possible to also cook a soup for babies and from lean beef, it is quite lean and tender for a child up to one year.

A first bisque, which came after 20-25 minutes of preparation, pour, pot with meat again filled with water and cook until tender. Primordial broth mother can apply for cooking adult food, make it or fresh cabbage broth. Read more -->

The benefits of breastfeeding

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Lactation: Some basic facts

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. . . . . . Read more -->

Child newborn.

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What is he - a child baby? What can a child?

A birthday of a child - always an exciting event for all moms and dads. Behind pregnancy and childbirth waiting, hands - a child newborn, which you alone keep to meet the present. We are confident that the above tips will help you perfect understand a crumbs, his needs, and It is possible to provide your child best potential care.

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Choosing a medical man for a child

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Found in current infants's clinic Aybolita good doctor is more hard. And it's not that good doctors extinct, just the medic, particularly people with a specific behavior, preferences. Going in search of infants's medical man, my mum is looking for, above all, a great man (with the perspective).


Momentous role in medicine playing experience. Especially for pediatricians. Experienced specialist speedily and without additional suffering for the baby and parents diagnose, advise home remedies for coldness, tell the mom how to increase milk supply, and answers to many of her questions.

How, in some cases, the experience may not do a extremely helf job. Frequently veteran pediatricians, coming to a sick child, diagnosed without looking, thinking that if the previous 10 calls were approximately rotavirus infection, and the eleventh, too. Read more -->

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