Temperature at grudnichka

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Why fever in a child?

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Weightiness of a newborn up to a year by month

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What need be the weightiness of a baby in months to a year? In any cases, a deviations from the main rule?

Regular weight newborn at a reception at the pediatrician give parents an overview of the state of his health. It is believed that if a child's weightiness is ordinary, healthy toddler. Deviations in body weight may indicate problems in a development, malnutrition and disease. Always either too much or too little weight is a cause for concern?

Weight of the newborn in weeks: abnormal

Most infants born weight 2.6 - 4.0 kg. These indicators the World Hygiene Organization has assigned to a parameters of a average weight of a healthy full-term babies. Early babies are born with low gravity gain in the 1st months are quite varied from their peers. Read more -->

Hardening newborn h2o

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When and however to hardening of a newborn with h2o, however that it became stronger, and not a cold-blooded? What want be a h2o treatment?

One of the most common ways of tempering infants are aqua treatments. You are approachable to all infants of all ages. H2o gently affects a skin and a immune system, it performs and hygiene, and tempering function.

Making part of a carefully evening swimming, moms and dads influence the newborn's body with water, as the process is performed hardening and creating a base for his lustiness. Seasoned newborn is protected against many viral and respiratory illnesses due to increased immunity.

Mum every day to bathe a baby in the bath, washes it and washes. These h2o treatment may be performed with water of varied temperatures. It all depends on the age and intensity of hardening.

H2o hardening while swimming

The ordinary evening bath babies and babies first year of life is a child bath, a specially adapted for these procedures. Read more -->

Nutrition children aged 6 weeks to a year of life

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By 6 months of the your, a newborn gradually became accustomed to those products that infuse his body with required nutrients and minerals, and vitamins. And my mom was easier since the introduction of complementary foods in a regime of a newborn may gradually wean him with the fresh. What more It is possible to give the baby to become accustomed to a regular schedule for?

With 6 months, a baby can along give a boiled egg. 1st 1/27 of the yolk in the time, so gradually increase to 1/2 egg yolks. Egg protein may cause severe allergic reactions in babies under one year, why, a yolk should be well separated with a protein. So prepared to carefully rub a yolk with a some natural natural milk and allow the mixing to beginning feeding the baby. Read more -->

Table height and weight of children under one year

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Mode newborn 4-5 weeks

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Child continues to grow and evolve, at 5 months he yet may appear first tooth. Well, if teething in infants is not "deplorable" consequences, or whims karapuzov risk seriously disturbed family.

Mode of the time for 4-5 weeks undergoing any changes: declining daytime sleep and increased night's rest, baby begins to intensify further the time between feeding and sleep.

Mode child 4-5 weeks - Diet food and sleep

A five-30 days baby sleeps during a time three times in 1.5-2 hours later a hearty breakfast, lunch and afternoon green tea. Night's sleep becomes longer, it can pick up up to 11 hours, but it does not rule a night feeding, or even some. The newborn may wake up at night in search of a mom and need chest. This behavior is perfectly rule for the child, maybe he is just looking for reassurance from a night's sleep or sympathy approximately CUTTING tooth. Natural milk for babies is a universal elixir. Read more -->

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