Thrush in babies

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Thrush in children and infants, strangely enough, is a rare exception. Typically, the disease is ill, most children, because you can have all sorts of ways, for example, under conditions of poor hygiene during breast-feeding a newborn, with weakened immunity, and in the case of infection of the baby while passing through a birthday canal of the mother.

Symptoms of thrush in babies

Most frequently, thrush in babies seen in a white bloom on a mucous membranes of a mouth, tongue, gums and inside of a cheeks, a removal of which a damaged areas is slight redness or irritation. This manifestation of thrush in children can deliver very tangible discomfort, up to a failure of a natural or bottle.

Prevention of yeast infection in children and infants

Best treatment for yeast infection novorozhdnnyh and infants, of course, is its prevention at an early stage of manifestation. To do this, observe chief hygiene rules: mandatory sterilize all utensils with which contact the child, including nipples, pacifiers, and if the child is breastfed, any time spending hygiene nipple, use a mild solution of baking yolk or especial devices for nursing mothers. In addition, every time following feeding, give the newborn a some spoonfuls of boiled water. It will help wash away diet food debris and prevent pathogens.

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Hardening baby h2o

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When and so to hardening of a baby with water, as that it became stronger, and not a cold? What should be a h2o treatment?

One of a most common ways of tempering children are h2o treatments. You are approachable to all children of all ages. Water gently affects the skin and a immune system, it performs and hygiene, and tempering function.

Making permanent evening swimming, parents influence a newborn's body with water, as a proceedings is performed hardening and creating a base for his well-being. Seasoned baby is protected against a lot of viral and respiratory illnesses due to increased immunity.

Mum every day to bathe a newborn in a bath, washes it and washes. These aqua treatment can be performed with aqua of various temperatures. It all depends on the age and intensity of hardening.

Water hardening while swimming

A normal evening bathing children and children first year of your is a child bath, a specially adapted for these procedures. Read more -->

Table height and weight of children under one year

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Choosing toys is a child

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Unluckily, it is often required to observe as parents literally all a issues that relate to their infants, decide. And it does not depend on the age of the son or daughter. From early childhood, Mother and Father say a rule of his word, and solutions. Often it is not just prejudice babies, but has on their overall evolution of a much negative impact. That is why infants should be taught to be independent, given their opinion on a major questions that worry them. Moms and dads used to this state of affairs will be very difficult (specifically if you possess passed a rigorous Soviet hardening), but start with something rightly.

And fine selection of work in this area will be a joint choice toys for the newborn. Read more -->

Teething Questions and Answers

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Baby was born, as new parents have a lot of sleepless nights and hours. Any physiological process, like teething, is joy, excitement, and a lot of questions. Some of them will strive to answer.

1. With newborn teething?

Naturally, every woman is going on at a time. Terms mainly due to genetic factors, but on average it is a time of 6 weeks. About babies first teeth appear closer to a year. Read more -->

Feeding with 5 months

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What should be a meal however 5 months? What products can be included in children's meals?

Start to introduce solid foods to the diet of a child can be at various ages. Some kids need it with a third month, the other is enough mom's breast natural milk, and in the sixth 30 days of life. In foods from 5 weeks to be included most required for newborn food products. Since entering them in a schedule for, should closely monitor the newborn's response to them, see so it behaves in the tummy, intestines, if there is a allergy.

Complementary feeding and 5 weeks: porridge

For a baby 5 months daily intake of meal should be almost a kg. This number go natural milk mixture and solid foods. Most often in this age toddler eats 5 times a day. Read more -->

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