Nutrition children aged 6 weeks to a year of life


By 6 months of the your, a newborn gradually became accustomed to those products that infuse his body with required nutrients and minerals, and vitamins. And my mom was easier since the introduction of complementary foods in a regime of a newborn may gradually wean him with the fresh. What more It is possible to give the baby to become accustomed to a regular schedule for?

With 6 months, a baby can along give a boiled egg. 1st 1/27 of the yolk in the time, so gradually increase to 1/2 egg yolks. Egg protein may cause severe allergic reactions in babies under one year, why, a yolk should be well separated with a protein. So prepared to carefully rub a yolk with a some natural natural milk and allow the mixing to beginning feeding the baby. Read more -->

Gravity of a baby up to a year by month


What need be the gravity of a baby in weeks to a year? In about cases, the deviations from a general rule?

Regular weighing baby at a reception at the pediatrician give parents an overview of the state of his well-being. It is believed that if a child's weight is normal, healthy toddler. Deviations in aging body weightiness may indicate problems in the development, malnutrition and disease. Always either too much or too little weight is a cause for concern?

Weight of a child in months: abnormal

Most infants born weight 2.6 - 4.0 kg. These indicators a World Health Organization has assigned to the parameters of a average gravity of a healthy full-term children. Premature babies are born with lower mass gain in the first weeks are quite different with a peers. Read more -->

Website for parents and babies -


Infants Have created for caring parents who wish to raise decent babies with a wide outlook.

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Real dad


As you know a goodness father is not born, you are! And much more!

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Abroad with a baby


Pediatricians against early traveling with a newborn abroad. One reason - do not want to beat a newborn with the usual schedule. "What the child may be a schedule?" - You ask. A schedule is still there: infant day painted strictly by the hour. The stability of the jet lag "meal-sleep-wake" dependent baby well-being, growth, and progress. In what technique, and even with a change of time zones, the rhythm gets off.

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Feeding with 10 months


What foods demands baby in 10 weeks? That must not be part of feeding the 10 months?

Such questions frequently asked by mothers, kids are in this troubled, but great your. Ten-month baby playful and may eat quite large portions, because he is vital for the development of energy and games. Mom's warm for children in breastfeeding, continue to be of fine interest, but a lure of 10 months is becoming increasingly great.

Food as 10 months: the general components

Complementary feeding for babies 10 weeks-bottle-child can contain almost all major products: fresh meat, raspberries, vegetables, cereals, fresh bread, even fish (unless contraindicated!). It is not necessary to comprise in a baby's regime at 11 weeks is too fatty fresh fish and meat, whole-grain bread, exotic fruits and fresh vegetables, canned foods, salty, spicy. Caution need be taken to a cane sugar content: in any ready-made items for babies, like cookies append particular sweeteners. They attract kids, but not always good effect on hygiene.

Infants receiving 10 weeks, not alone foods, but breast natural milk, lucky. Read more -->

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