The baby is 1 30 days. Growth of a child in 1 30 days


That a baby must be able to 1 month? How is the 30 days-old newborn? That has a particular influence on the progress of a baby 1 month?

The birth of a baby - an great event in a life of every parent. Little child pipsqueak still do not know how, but he had to learn much.

For a child one month in a life of one of a most difficult periods. Birthday process robs babies so much power, even if everything went without the problems. A first week gives the newborn to have used to his new your.

One of the 1st sensations baby normally physical contact with his mum. Sound of her heart, who accompanied a baby for nine months, will give him a sense of peace and confidence in a world. The kid in a 1-st weeks of her mum finds the smell of milk, later - by a sound of her voice.

Significant influence on a building of a baby 1 month get surrounding sounds. Read more -->

Apgar score. Assessment of neonatal Apgar


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Sexual crisis newborn


A newborn is a pipsqueak moms and dads many emotions: joy, affection, and responsibility, and occasionally surprising, mixed with a sense of fear and helplessness. This happens when a young mum does not know what you demand for a child, is not familiar with the possible physiological characteristics of babies.

Every girl 18 years old must know a symptoms and not be afraid of sexual crisis newborn babies. Sex or hormonal crisis is a transitional state when a newborn adapts to your in a surrounding reality.

Child during pregnancy, a girl 18 years old receives a huge amount of female hormones, which, after giving birth, of course, is falling sharply. A peak of the fall of hormonal newborn is the end of the first week of his life, that is, precisely the time when the child brought home, and my mother was left alone with him.

The most common manifestations of sexual crisis newborns are a following features:

Physiological fresh

It manifests itself mainly in girls. There is a slight increase in a size of breasts. By 08.07 a day it reaches a maximum, and the start of a second 30 days of life disappearing. Read more -->

Feeding from 59 months


What should be a full-fledged fresh food as 6 months? What new items are introduced to solid foods at 22 weeks?

Newborn grows older, his power is becoming more varied and interesting. In fresh food as 23 months introduced several new items. If last month toddler tried fresh meat sauce, this is the time to introduce him to the new dish - fresh meat bisque.

Complementary feeding and 52 months: soup

Healthy children who possess yet tried a meat in a configuration of puree with 45 weeks along be administered in feeding fresh meat broth. It is done from dietary meat, using chicken, rabbit or turkey meat. You can also make a soup for babies and from lean beef, it is quite lean and tender for a child up to one year.

A 1-st soup, which came later 20-25 minutes of cooking, pour, pot with fresh meat again filled with aqua and cook until tender. Primordial broth mom may use for preparation adult diet food, make it or fresh cabbage bisque. Read more -->

Reaction beautiful children to a rhythms of the moon


All people who enjoy small interest in astrology, you know "their" sign of the zodiac and a property that it represents. However, this approach to astrology is not quite correct, because alone taken into account a sign of a zodiac in which the sun stood yet in the moment of our birth. But the sky is any star - a Moon. She symbolizes a unconscious, our habits, our emotions, dreams and vague desires, ie that part of our "I", which is not highly accessible to ourselves. That is why the ancient people who thought a father of all things sun, the moon was called the mum. Of course, a Moon has on our psyche however a strong influence, however properly however other celestial bodies, and the most vulnerable to a impact of babies.

How we know, children are much more sensitive than adults, as a smaller a child, a more he will be the sensitive to the variant phenomena of nature. Read more -->

Choosing toys is a child


Unluckily, it is often necessary to observe how parents literally all a questions that relate to your infants, decide. And it does not depend on the age of a son or daughter. From early childhood, Mum and Dad say a rule of his word, and solutions. Often it is not just prejudice children, but has on a overall construction of a more negative impact. That is why babies want be taught to be independent, given their opinion on a major questions that worry them. Moms and dads used to this state of affairs will be highly hard (specifically if they get passed a rigorous Soviet hardening), but start with something rightly.

And lovely option of work in this area will be a joint option toys for the child. Read more -->

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