Temperature at grudnichka


Why fever in a child?

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A baby is 1 month. Evolution of a baby in 1 month


That the baby want be able to 1 30 days? So is a month-old child? That has a particular influence on the building of the newborn 1 30 days?

A birthday of a newborn - an important event in the your of every parent. Little newborn pipsqueak yet do not know so, but he had to learn lots.

For a newborn one 30 days in a your of one of the most difficult periods. Birth process robs babies so much power, even if everything went without any problems. A first 7 days gives the baby to get used to his new life.

One of the 1st sensations child normally physical contact with his mum. Sound of her heart, who accompanied a baby for nine weeks, will give him a sense of peace and confidence in the world. A kid in a 1-st weeks of her mum finds a smell of milk, later - by a sound of her voice.

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Lactase deficiency


Newly diagnosed "lactase deficiency" has become highly common. Why a sudden jump - overdiagnosis, too close attention to the problem of moms and dads or real progress fermentopathy - let find out specialists.

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Jaundice in babies


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Miliaria in neonates and children


Why there sudamen in newborns? So to treat prickly heat in grudnichka?

A mom's love has tremendous energy force, it may give a newborn all a happiness of this world, but a failed application of this force can deliver and trouble. It at times happens that a loving mom wants to make "the best method" and a newborn's attention and warmth in a truest sense of a word.

Tendency to complete-wrap kids fraught with about unpleasant consequences, in particular, the exterior on a facial skin of babies and diaper potnichki.

Sudamen so seen in children and babies

Sudamen at grudnichka in full accordance with its name affects a parts of the baby's aging body that are exposed to sweat. Most frequently it is the armpits, back, folds arms and legs, neck.

Sudamen seen in babies first year of life however a rash of red spots. Normally the disease does not possess the correctly-being of a child important influence, so, at a 1st symptoms want take all the indispensable measures.

Sudamen prevention in newborns and babies

Avoid warmth rash in children may be with preventive measures, which include frequent bath children and wearing lightness clothes. If the child is 5 months, despite the measures taken, being constantly wet with sweat, it should bathe more ofttimes. In a summer it may be done some minutes every day, particularly if a process gives chubby small boy fun.

After the bath the child soak a gentle wiper, trying so good how potential to drain a facial skin. Read more -->

Temperature at grudnichka


Why fever in a child?

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