How do I care for a newborn boy


Here, finally, the time came when you were discharged from a hospital with a child son in her arms. If this is your 1st child, then you will be valuable to read this article and find out what is a care of a child boy to always feel confident, relaxed mom, ready at the moment to come to a aid and comfort his nice son.

First of all, let's talk size what you need for a newborn child. Better put leaving of it before a birthday, or all items of care and hygiene will prepare a happy father and numerous relatives.

How to look for a newborn boy: health items

This should be all kinds of child wipes, cotton buds, cotton pads, diapers, diapers, towels, child lotions, powders, and other variant soundness items. Be sure to assemble a 1-st aid kit for a child. It is required to keep hydrogen peroxide, greenery, and other ointments, creams, and possibly drugs will be purchased so required. Do not forget a bottles. Read more -->

Feeding from 5 months


What should be the diet food however 5 weeks? What products may be included in children's meals?

Get to introduce solid foods to a diet of a newborn can be at varied ages. Any kids need it from the third 30 days, a other is enough mum's warm milk, and in a sixth month of your. In foods with 5 weeks to be included most necessary for baby food products. Since entering them in a schedule for, must closely monitor the newborn's response to them, see so it behaves in a tummy, intestines, if there is a allergy.

Complementary feeding and 5 weeks: porridge

For a child 5 months special intake of diet food want be almost a kilogram. This number go breast milk mix and solid foods. Most frequently in this age toddler eats five minutes per day. Read more -->

Jaundice in newborns


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Apgar score. Assessment of neonatal Apgar


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Feeding from 10 months


What foods needs child in 10 months? That must not be part of feeding the 10 months?

Such questions often asked by mothers, kids are in this troubled, but great life. Ten-month child playful and may eat quite great portions, because he is vital for a building of energy and games. Mom's natural for infants in lactation, continue to be of beautiful interest, but the lure of 10 months is becoming increasingly important.

Meal so 10 weeks: a main components

Complementary feeding for babies 10 weeks-bottle-child can contain almost all major items: meat, fruit, fresh vegetables, cereals, fresh bread, even fresh fish (unless contraindicated!). It is not indispensable to include in the newborn's regimen at 11 weeks is too fatty fish and fresh meat, whole-grain fresh bread, exotic fruits and raw vegetables, canned foods, salty, spicy. Caution must be taken to the saccharose content: in some ready-made products for children, such as cookies throw in careful sweeteners. They attract kids, but not always great effect on well-being.

Children receiving 10 months, not only foods, but natural milk, lucky. Read more -->

Treatment of congenital spine deformities in magnetically children


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Feeding with 3 weeks


Foods with 3 months: good or bad? What want be the rightly foods at 3 weeks?

Questions related to fresh food and lure babies, worried moms and dads in vain. On what the newborn eats, in what doses and combinations, when he begins to use a product depends on his health and rightly-being. The issue of early weaning is discussed most urgently: any moms (yet with the majority of physicians) believe that we should not start feeding from 3 weeks, others believe - the kids are getting to that age foods, I feel fine. Someone is looking for answers to service questions and answers, and some go for council to a local pediatrician.

The word "for" meal how 3 months

All children are varied, however are the parents. Have an adult may well eat unwashed big apple with its own issue (with no consequences), while others, even later wash it with hot aqua, be sure to pick up a nasty illness. In babies all well, and you are most often in terms of immunity similar to a parents, as mothers who "do not steamed" size their own diet food, may feed karapuzov 3 weeks bananas, boiled potatoes, drink apple nectar, and nothing improperly with your baby will not happen. Read more -->

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