Recipes for children under one year


So soon however a newborn begins to push out a 1-st tooth - this is a first signal that is the nature of mums that newborn's diet need be supplemented with new foods and nutrients. 6 - month old child will not have a mother's natural milk. A aging body is growing a baby and he needed "building blocks" for healthy evolution and growth, which he must get not alone a mum's milk, but also from other products. Translating the newborn on a ordinary regime, a magnetically mom should remember that the most basic rule - it gradually.

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Treatment of congenital spine deformities in beautiful children


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Apgar score. Assessment of neonatal Apgar


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Spine newborn


The birth of a child - it's a joy and delight, and a leaving and responsibility for your lustiness and destiny. Scarce are born helpless, and a problem of adults to provide him protection with the problems and troubles, to do it a pleasant your in a world. For this mother is very effective knowledge of physiology child, in particular, it must have an idea around a structure of a spine of a baby and characteristics of its formation.

A evolution of a spine of a baby

The spine of a baby at birth is an absolutely straight line. Alone so, he takes an S-shape, the one that has the adult spine. It happens gradually. 1st, on a newborn's spine is formed cervical lordosis. Read more -->

Feeding from 4 weeks


What should be the fresh food how 4 months? What can be included in a child's diet during this period?

Most doctors agree that foods should start no earlier than 4 weeks of an infant's life. At this point, the digestive system is strengthened and a child is ready to pick up a small number of "other" food. Complementary foods with 4 months is not required for all babies, if a baby is healthy, and it completely covers breastfeeding, the beginning of weaning may be delayed for a month or two.

Where to start solid foods with 4 weeks

Today, among a physicians actively are disputed, with which items to start solid foods with 4 months. Some specialists are inclined to believe that a 1st "meal" for karapuzov should be veggie. You recommend to beginning with juice, so add food mashed pumpkin, carrots, potatoes. A opponents get traditional views on infant formula and follow our grandmothers vote for plum day menu foods.

Opponents of the fruit began basing his opinion on a fact that a recent increase in cases of early allergy in children. Read more -->

Abroad with a child


Pediatricians against early traveling with a child abroad. One reason - do not need to beat a child from the usual schedule. "What the child may be the schedule?" - You ask. A schedule is still there: infant day painted strictly by the hour. A stability of a jet lag "food-sleep-wake" dependent baby soundness, growth, and development. In what way, and even with a change of time zones, the rhythm gets off.

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Teeth in infants under one year. Teething in children


When a 1-st teeth in infants? What ordering teething children? Learn from this article.

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