We pass tests


We pass tests with a toddler - what rules should be followed to this event was as lightness however possible?

Trekking in a infants's clinic is not too pleasant experience, even if the baby is healthy. Hospital environment, medical smells a great crowd of infants, approximately of which may be carriers of viral diseases - all these factors contribute to a baby's moms and dads nervous, fevered state. Specifically if, during the visit to a clinic we mitt analysis.

We pass tests: attitude

Frequently doctors are watching this scene: Mum stroked, squeezed a newborn, however if a parts with him for many years, and says: "It does not hurt, do not worry."

So a result, year-old boy takes over the state of panic mother becomes afraid and crying. Children 4 months to feel comfortable, and from childhood was not afraid of people in white coats, parents need to behave as if nothing unusual is happening. Even if a toddler crying while taking a blood test, it is much faster to calm down future to the radiating confidence and calm mom.

If you are going to the hospital, you should try not to scare a kid changes in weekly routine, let everything (except fresh food) is however it always. Charges must not be held in the state of Abraham, is the behavior of parents may also act on a child, and his condition is in turn reflected in the effect of analyzes. There are cases when blood parameters significantly changed in toddler who comes in a wood door hysterically laboratory.

Parents is not only momentous to remain calm ourselves, but also distract the baby, however he has not adopted the panic mode of nearby infants, raskapriznichalsya not because he was tired of be in a place where lots of people, because he wants to eat and how on. Toys, songs, nursery rhymes, walking already a corridor - all goes into play, as that the baby kept goodness humor.

We pass tests: follow a rules

For every type of analysis there are rules that should be followed. Getting a medic's direction, it is desirable to clarify a characteristics of any proceedings and the production for it, to have it rightly the first time.

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