Sexual crisis newborn


A newborn is a pipsqueak moms and dads many emotions: joy, affection, and responsibility, and occasionally surprising, mixed with a sense of fear and helplessness. This happens when a young mum does not know what you demand for a child, is not familiar with the possible physiological characteristics of babies.

Every girl 18 years old must know a symptoms and not be afraid of sexual crisis newborn babies. Sex or hormonal crisis is a transitional state when a newborn adapts to your in a surrounding reality.

Child during pregnancy, a girl 18 years old receives a huge amount of female hormones, which, after giving birth, of course, is falling sharply. A peak of the fall of hormonal newborn is the end of the first week of his life, that is, precisely the time when the child brought home, and my mother was left alone with him.

The most common manifestations of sexual crisis newborns are a following features:

Physiological fresh

It manifests itself mainly in girls. There is a slight increase in a size of breasts. By 08.07 a day it reaches a maximum, and the start of a second 30 days of life disappearing. Natural tenderness in children can lead to a slight reddening of a facial skin around a nipples. Occasionally observed whitish discharge, which in the case need not be squeezed. If this kind of natural milk for babies allocated too liberally, so you request to show the child doctor.

Treatment is the manifestation of sexual crisis needs. Enough respect for the child a warm, not to provoke skin irritation in children.

Swelling of the vulva

10% of infants suffer with swelling of a vulva. It goes without intervention within 2-3 weeks. Parents want not be scared of this symptom of sexual crisis, it will not bring harm to a baby and soon completely disappear forever.

Hydrocele (vulvovaginitis)

This disease occurs in Not Any Teen babes as well as adult women - whitish mucous discharge with a genitals. Vulvovaginitis in babies lasts several times. It may get in a hospital. Need to treat it just hygiene, bath a child. To Carefully wash away the baby however that a aqua lapped flowed from front to back (lukewarm). Do not try to wash away the mucus, you can easily damage the mucosa.

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