Feeding with 4 weeks


What need be a diet food however 4 months? What can be included in the newborn's regime during this period?

Most doctors agree that foods should start no earlier than 4 months of an infant's life. At this point, a digestive system is strengthened and a baby is ready to put a little number of "other" diet food. Complementary foods from 4 weeks is not indispensable for all babies, if the baby is healthy, and it completely covers breast-feeding, the start of weaning may be delayed for a month or two.

Where to start solid foods with 4 months

Today, among a physicians actively are disputed, with which products to start solid foods from 4 weeks. Some specialists are inclined to believe that a 1st "meal" for karapuzov must be veg. They recommend to start with fresh juice, so add to fresh food mashed pumpkin, carrots, potatoes. Their opponents possess traditional views on infant formula and follow our grandmothers vote for raspberries menu foods.

Opponents of a melon began basing his opinion on the fact that a recent increase in cases of early allergy in children. It is most often seen in infants whose parents have a predisposition to the disease, but it can be triggered by the first feeding. So, fruits, many of which are serious allergens, they offer to enter into a baby's regime at 11 months or later.

Complementary foods with 4 weeks: the general rules

Starting solid foods from 4 weeks, a mum want be aware that the diet food a baby ate so far, is highly various with what it is he will be offered however complementary foods. He may not just "rasprobovat" and love a fresh food.

It is recommended to offer foods in a spoon to my newborn gets used to not alone to the new food, but also a new technique to absorb. The first time the newborn enough 1/2 teaspoonful, but any time the amount increases gradually up to 30 ml. At this age.

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