Teething Questions and Answers


Baby was born, as new parents have a lot of sleepless nights and hours. Any physiological process, like teething, is joy, excitement, and a lot of questions. Some of them will strive to answer.

1. With newborn teething?

Naturally, every woman is going on at a time. Terms mainly due to genetic factors, but on average it is a time of 6 weeks. About babies first teeth appear closer to a year. A literature describes cases when the baby was born along with one or two teeth.

2. Which teeth appear 1st?

This is normally a lower incisors that appear pair. These incisors erupt with a top, and a finish - a indigenous teeth and fangs. By three years the child begins all 20 newborn teeth.

3. When should I begin to take maintenance of the teeth?

Baby teeth are laid in a newborn from the beginning of the second 7 days of gestation. During this period it is serious to eat healthy meal, rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium. If a mom does not pay attention to the food, in the future the child may dental caries, periodontal and other unpleasant consequences. In adult your, at times a alone solution is implantation following their destruction. That is a mom of a child dental care starts from the much first weeks of pregnancy.

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