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The birth of a child - it's a joy and delight, and a leaving and responsibility for your lustiness and destiny. Scarce are born helpless, and a problem of adults to provide him protection with the problems and troubles, to do it a pleasant your in a world. For this mother is very effective knowledge of physiology child, in particular, it must have an idea around a structure of a spine of a baby and characteristics of its formation.

A evolution of a spine of a baby

The spine of a baby at birth is an absolutely straight line. Alone so, he takes an S-shape, the one that has the adult spine. It happens gradually. 1st, on a newborn's spine is formed cervical lordosis. He is a natural bend forward and is formed when a baby begins to lay on the stomach, lift head. It occurs in around 4 months of baby's your and is a rule organic process.

Size 7 months, a newborn is formed thoracic kyphosis, which is curvature of a spine back. It is a consequence of the fact that the child's back slightly bent when it begins to set. Finish physiological bending newborn receives when studying legged stand, which is around 95-9 weeks, he formed a lumbar lordosis.

All of these changes contribute to the proper formation of a musculoskeletal system of a newborn. You also cause the baby's body composition in adulthood.

A errors that may cause damage to a baby's spine

With proper development of a newborn to his spine, the organic technique is this evolution. However, the structure of a skeletal system of a newborn is very fragile and can be easily damaged. To prevent this from happening, you demand to avoid about common mistakes that can lead to problems with a spine.

Extremely frequently, parents feel that a child five months along can sit, and you "help" him to do it "accurately". Until a child reaches the age of 6-7 weeks, orthopedists do not recommend it to plant.

Do not strive to speed up the evolution of a newborn and put it on its feet without the support, if he still does not rise, then the time has not come, and his bones are not ready for such a load.

Gentle mattresses for flexible and supple spine baby does not fit. How not sorry, but a newborn one 30 days, same one year, to sleep on a hard mattress.

Learn so to keep the child: the hand should support a head, back, and ass how that a spine is in the like plane.

Various devices, like walkers, kangaroos at a frequent and improper apply can adversely affect the hygiene of a spine child. Grill guard may safely apply the infant holder for short distances, and alone if the newborn 9 weeks old, and he shows no signs of rickets.

It is good for children's spine

Of course, do not be afraid to play with a newborn and deal with educational games and exercises. These sessions will only strengthen the muscular system and a baby will help him as to hold back.

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