A baby is 1 year. Construction of a baby 12 weeks


Baby 1 year

A first birthday of a child for every mom always exceptional holiday. She looks at a orderly little man and is surprised that alone 12 weeks ago, in her arms lay helpless pipsqueak.

At 12 weeks, a baby begins to develop the desire to be independent and do what you need. Any children quietly accept a existing rules, the other without getting the required, hysterics. React to such behavior need be based on yet manifesting the character and temperament of a newborn. But in a case, the result of educational activities must be comforting.

At 12 weeks of age, most babies are able to walk independently. Linger in a period, children may slide due to your physical and psychological characteristics of evolution. How, if a newborn is 12 months, does not occur on a legs, when my mother puts it on a hard surface to contact the pediatrician. The doctor may order a newborn massage, however he began to walk faster.

Communication to a little man is part of a carefully becoming more and more interesting. His speech is constantly updated with new words. It could be just a few letters identifying word: instead of walk - "amb", instead go - "di". The successful development of a child 12 months characterized by the ability to pronounce words 10-15.

With words, interjections, which expresses the mood of a newborn, he could not comment on a beloved book. Child is able to tell the careful listener that the picture is. At this age, he said more to himself, however that the reaction to the story he was not interested.

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