My mother is a most nice!


The 1-st year of baby's life much gravely for my mom. If this is a 1st newborn, she learns to be a mom, if a second or 3-rd, then she has to combining look after grown children to care for a newborn. Very frequently cases as much that time a woman 18 years old spinning in little circles. She is literally no time to sit down. In a evening, it literally falls with exhaustion. And such a routine for a lot of moms become familiar rhythm.

So a responsible approach to a household is not bad, but only if a woman 18 years old is still time for themselves. Otherwise, a beautiful mom waiting for metamorphosis unpleasant in look, which will affect a attitude of the husband and a people around them.

Coming home, my husband wants to see the sweet, cheerful wife and mom. Ungrateful man to explain what a time to do a woman 18 years old for a time was not. Does not care, he wants to get a fine wife, and not domestic problems zatyukannuyu broody.

In mahnuvshey on her hand young woman falls self-esteem. It is a vicious circle: a less a mom herself and pays attention to their person, the less she wants to do it.

But the worst item in this method of your for a young girl is that all this is to see her baby. A kid in the year is beginning to understand a psychology of adults. It may capture the mood of the parents, their relationship to any other. At this time, a baby is already formed a own vision of her mom. He still can not express their thoughts in words, but who understands a fairytale princess, and who is just mum.

This attitude is manifested by the age of three, when a baby may express almost a idea, but has not already learned to flatter. Came to visit my aunt enthusiastically called them "beautiful", and on cue, "but your mum is too fine" is given a categorical answer: "No, my mum is not great, she's just mum."

Every woman 18 years old who does not should to hear that with her own baby, to find in your special routine of a time she may spend on herself. Alone if there is a chance that a newborn is grown up with all the fervor of sincerity one would say, "My mum is a most beautiful!"

In the busy and bustling schedule can always find a 1/2 an hour to yourself. You just require to find a case that can be combined or delegate husband, mum in law, mum or an older child.

Of course, how good however you make them no! But a time you win, will relax, do a refreshing face mask, wraps fitomaslami for tired hands or go to a barber shop and tidy thin hair.

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